3 of the Best Beaches in Corsica

3 of the Best Beaches in Corsica
3 of the Best Beaches in Corsica

Of course, Corsica is known for its passionate people, dramatic landscapes, and the seemingly countless number of gorgeous beaches. The best part, however, is that, while French tourists have been making their way here for years, the rest of Europe seems slow to have caught on to this stunning island, which means that the beaches can feel like hidden gems. There’s no shortage of beautiful beaches on the island, whether in the North or the South, although the turquoise water and creamy sand in the South are unmatched. There are numerous beaches to choose from in Southern Corsica, however, so it can be a complex task when deciding which one to visit. Here are some of the best beaches to consider when planning a trip to Corsica.

Plage de Calvi

Plage de Calvi is one of Corsica’s most popular beaches. As well as providing the perfect cocktail of sand and water, the 5km-long beach includes boat rentals, restaurants, renal deckchairs, water sports rental stations, bars, and a view of the ancient towns that lie on the other side of the water. So if you need a break away from lounging around, and you feel like pushing yourself, this is the perfect beach for you. Just be warned that you might not be the only tourist around: while it isn’t as busy as a beach in Saint Tropez or Nice, it’s still popular- so visit in the early morning or late evening, if possible.

Plage de Mare e Sole

While no beach in Corsica is anything less than beautiful, Plage de Mare e Sole is in a class all by itself. Located in the town of Pietrosella, it features a postcard-perfect combination of all you could ever want in a beach. Its translucent water is perfect for snorkelling, it offers a flawless stretch of sand, along with tall trees that provide shade from the wind. Whether you’re looking to play some volleyball, picnic in one of the huts that surround the beach, or bask in the sun, this beach is ideal for you. Seeing as it’s so small, it also feels special and private. You may find yourself coming across some red sand, which is a result of a certain animal known as Miniacina miniacea making its way onto the shore. You won’t see this sand colour anywhere else in Corsica.

Plage de Pinarellu

One of the great things about this beach is its location. It sits on the edge of a town- Pinarellu- that’s approximately a 15-minute drive from the city centre of Porto-Vecchio. The town is packed with decent hotels, outdoor cinemas, cafes, and restaurants. Unlike other beaches, it’s also only a 5-minute drive away from some comfortable accommodation and great food and drink. The beach, of course, is breathtaking. Look out at the ocean and you’ll see the tall mountains and the little sailboats in front of them. Behind you, there’s a forest that’s ideal for a stroll, complete with beachside bars and cafes.

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