Cheeses of Corsica

In Corsica, you must indulge in everything that the island has to offer. It is music, people and of course food. One of the treats that you MUST taste is the local artisan cheese. Corsican cheeses are known all around the world because of their unique and traditional tastes. Here is a list of gourmet cheeses that you must to try while visiting, or that you will be able to find in your local gourmet shops.


The name of this cheese is related to a french word ‘brocciu” which means made from goat or Eve’s, first woman’s milk. It is a made from whey and is lactose free, this cheese is an alternative to Ricotta. This cheese is produced in Corsica and it is considered a national food. It received the AOC (“protected designation of origin”) quality label which is granted to certain French wines, cheeses and butters. It shows, as the French say, that the product is “more than organic”.  After being prepared it is ready for consumption in couple weeks or you can keep it for up to a month. When it is fully ripened it uncovers a sweet flavor and an intense aroma of milk. Brocciu contains 40-50% fat. You can make a beautiful pairing with beaujolais wine in the season or use it as an ingredient in soups, pastries and omelets.


It is a thick, square disc and it’s soft, made from raw sheep’s or goat milk, or it can be a mixture of both. Niola has naturally washed rind and inside, you are going to find white paste in it. It is produced in the Niolo Plateau of Corsican farms. They are at their best from very early spring till late autumn.  Niolo contains 40-50% fat. This cheese can be found in exact dimensions which are 14×5 centimeters and weight half a kilo. It takes 3 months for it to be ready for consumption. It’s salty and has a strong smell. To enjoy it the most, you of course need to pair it with Corsican wine!


If you read one of the previous blog posts, you will recognize the name. It is the same as a famous Corsican folk music group. But here, Filleta is an artisan cheese made from Corsican sheep’s milk. Filleta contains 45% fat. This cheese is produced in Isolaccio in the south of Corsica. To get fully ripe, this cheese needs to be kept in a dark and cold place for four to six weeks. You can make it from goat’s milk, but then you have to do it from January till July. Filleta is crunchy, the rind is edible, and a little bit salty too. The taste can be best described as straight from the forest. It tastes like mushrooms and herbs with an earthy aftertaste. It is always decorated with leaf of fern.

There are many more varieties that you can try like Bastilicacciu, Calinzanincu, Sartinesu. It all depends on your taste buds and how smelly you like your cheeses. Because all of these are rich in flavor and different from the ones you have tasted before. Don’t miss the next post in which we are going to look into famous Corsican wines which would make a great pairing with these cheeses.

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