Corsican delicacies

Corsican cuisine is special. It has a lot of distinct characteristics and because of that it is irreplaceable. Because Corsica is in the Mediterranean region, it offers a lot of raw materials like olives, fruits, vegetables and meats. The cuisine is a mixture of Italian and French, but with strong traditions from Corsica, which is the result of sun and heat. Here is a list of delicacies you need to try and be a little gourmet even it it’s for a couple of days.


It is a wild boar. Usually its prepared and being eaten during the hunting season in autumn and winter. The dish, which are made of Sanglier are boiling, steaming stews which are called civets.


It is a panini, or in other words, a grilled cheese sandwich, done in an Italian style which is full of charcuterie- different kinds of meat and cheeses like Stelly, Libecciu, Astu, Velacu. Another one is a small rectangular pastry filled with chopped onions and Brocciu cheese or you can try even a more interesting version with pumpkin.


Corsica is known for their mouth-watering hams and sausages, they are made from pigs who live in the wild (free range). In Corsican they are called cochons coureurs. Because they live in the wild, they eat what they can find and usually that is way better than synthetic food, because they feed on chestnuts, fragrant plants, acorns and other natural goodies. Figatellu is a thin sausage made from their livers and tastes like it’s already been marinated in herbs and spices because of what the pigs eat, and Corsica is very proud of this delicacy.

Veal with olives (veau aux olives)

Veal is cooked slowly with fresh onions and tomatoes, alongside herbs and olives. Marinated in rose or white wine, that’s how the flavor is maximized. You will be served this kind of stew with pasta. Meat of the veal is rose because they are growing free in natural environment and eat marquis wheat and lush grass.


It is a homemade spirit. Acquavita contains 45% alcohol by volume. At the end of the dinner you can expect being served a plate with sugar cubes and bottle without label. You must pour couple drops on the sugar and suck them. It is an old tradition.

Corsican Soup

This recipe came from the mountains. Corsicans have a saying “you can choose to jump through the window or eat your soup”. It shows how much real Corsicans love their soups and stews. This soup is made of meat, bones, potatoes, cabbages, olive oil, slices of figatellu sausage which gives it a unique flavor and beans.


Craving something sweet? You must try Fiadone. It is a very light flan with Brocciu cheese, eggs and lemon. Brocciu Fritters are little dough balls with cheese and full of carbs. Don’t’ forget the tart- ambruucciata of course with Brocciu cheese. Canistrelli are little biscuits made with walnuts, lemon, almonds and a hint of aniseed. For the sweet tooth, end of the dinner is a celebration with a cup of coffee and all these desserts.

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