Cultural Events In Corsica

In the summertime, Corsica is filled with music. Everyone, on every corner of the island is either dancing or singing. From musical performances to festivals, to guitar nights and Latino dancing, the list goes on and on. Here are the ones that should not be missed and need to be added to your calendar if you are planning to visit Corsica in the summer.

Calvi on the rocks

This is a festival that everyone is talking about.  It takes place every year in the middle of July, based on the beach, on the docks and on the rooftops. 3 amazing locations with stunning views. You will be able to see everything from electronic music to art performances. The concept of this festival is to mix traditions with modern culture. The day starts on the beach with aperitifs and DJ’s. Famous musicians like Tale of Us, Flight Facilities, Purple Dance Machine are names that are known by every EDM lover. The whole is idea is dance, drink and nap in between concerts.

Patrimonio Guitar nights

The Nights of the Guitar is an exceptional event. Clinging to the mountains that overlook the beautiful bay of Saint-Florent, lies the village of Patrimonio, their wines are among the best in Corsica, followed by guitar rhythms coming from the Green Theater where the event takes place, letting you know that everyone is invited. It’s been twenty-nine years since passionate local guitarists decided to create this romantic night event. Patrimonio is just along the coast of what is called the “Corsica’s finger”, the north peninsula of the island. Concerts will be held generally in the afternoon and in the evening.

Les Fêtes Napoléoniennes, August 15th

This is a street carnival in Ajaccio, where the evening shines brightly. The feast of the Virgin Mary and the birthday of Napoleon Bonaparte together. Every year there is a rendezvous of the islanders and also, of course, hundreds of tourists. This is the most important event in Corsica in the summertime. In the city of Ajaccio, in the evening, families rush to have dinner on the terrace, because the fire is started around 22:00 o’clock, near the beach of Saint-François. A magical moment, ending in 17 minutes of golden rain.

Fiera di l’Alivu in Montegrosso in July

Every year, in July, on the bright flanks of Montegrosso, “A Fiera di l’Alivu” takes place. From its first edition in 1989, the event proved to be a precious and magnificent necessity, generating actions, ideas and meetings resulting in an extremely positive and beneficial resonance on all levels for the region. Fiera di l’Alivu has been promoted to the list of top 100 sites of taste by the CNAC (National Council of Culinary Arts). Despite the olive groves being destroyed by fire and aggravated by drought, with the help of olive farmers, they carry on and will continue to fight for the heritage that has always been an economy for Corsica: “an olive oil” that provided up to half of the French national needs. A celebration of olives, where more than 10 thousand tourists come every year, to buy olive products, and to taste that local bread, wine and olive combinations.

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