Day and Night in Corsica

To start talking about Corsican culture and especially music we have to know Corsica as a locale a little bit. If you have not known – Corsica is a part of France. It an island and the fourth by size in Mediterranean region.

Corsica is usually visited by tourists because of the beaches with whitest sand and clearest blue waters. Here are top 10 beaches for you to visit and get to now. They are as picturesque as you cannot even imagine. But don’t forget other great advantage of Corsica’s land. It is full of mountains and inlands for you to hike and get to know. Country’s communities are small villages. They are mixes of French and Italian culture, because of the history. First, Corsica belonged to Italy, then Genoa, and in 18th century was purchased by France. That’s why the oldest buildings show off Italian taste and newer buildings and details will remind you of France. In whole, villages are stunning to see, peaceful and quiet; they will calm you down with sound of ocean waves, so it is a perfect place to have relaxing holiday. While feeling serene in the day time on the beach or walking through villages, if you still have energy and won’t be feeling too relaxed, you need to explore the nights in Corsica when another side of the culture awakes.

Head out to the bigger towns to have fun and witness the singing and dancing Corsica. You will get to know island in the beauty of lights and it is dazzling. At night you can see performance by Voce Ventu, it is one of many famous groups on Corsica; they are singing in polyphonic style and many tourists and locals – from young families to grandmothers – will be gathered to listen to that kind of music. After that you can head out to Baselica which is famous resort, and some people say that it is the best in Europe. It can fit 4000 people to party, famous personas from Bill Gates to Sting sometimes also choose to stay there. In Saint Tropez they are bothered to death by paparazzi and in Corsica they can have fun without anyone knowing. Corsica loves music and it is followed by dance. From traditional to disco, Corsica is the country which adores the notion of dancing. And there is no shortage of clubs and places which give the visitors a great opportunity to dance the night away.

After all that hiking, sunbathing, singing and dancing, you, of course, have to eat. That means trying Corsican cuisine. It is fresh, local and will make your mouth water when you start reading the menu. Corsica has around 150,000 sheep grown on the land, that means meat and dairy is the main dishes there and it is so fresh that goes straight from the farm to your plate.

Little pieces and places of Corsica make it a stunning Island and vacation destination. Let’s dive deeper into culture, and mostly music.

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