Facts about Corsica

Corsica is a really stunning island in the Mediterranean region which has lot of hidden secrets and is full of mysteries. It is full of culture and stories, so here are some facts about Corsica that you may have never heard.

Was Corsica always a part of France?

People always think that Corsica is a part of Italy. It is closer to Sardinia, which is the main island of Italy than France, but it is most definitely French. Because of its location, people who wanted to dominate the Mediterranean tried to conquer the island. First it was a colony of the Roman empire and after that it was controlled by other big Italian cities like Genoa or Pisa. In 1755 when Genoa sold it to France it was secured by France after the Ponte Novo battle in 1769, where Corsican’s where defeated.

Corsica was ruled by a King

Theodor von Neuhof is a famous figure in Corsica. In 1729 there was a rebellion against Genoa who controlled Corsica, this was at the time when Corsica had a temporary government. In 1736 a German adventurer named Neuhof showed up on the island with ammunition and promised support from Great Britain. He was given the King’s title and granted honors. But he ran out of money fairly quick, and Corsica had no patience for a king who could not keep his promises. He fled the country in 1736, just 8 months after receiving his tittle of king. He died in a London prison.

The precursor of Coca-Cola was invented by a Corsican

Angelo Mariani was a Corsican chemist who made a drink which was tonic water made from coca leaves mixed with wine, this took place in 1863. The tonic was called Vin Mariani (Vin means Wine in French). It was a really successful product and was brought to the United States and introduced as French Wine Cola. Angelo Mariani received a medal of appreciation from Pope Leo who was head of the Catholic church at the time. The Coca-Cola that we know today is a non-alcoholic drink and was first created in 1885.

Coty was Corsican

The name “Coty” does not say much to us these days, but names like Burberry, Gucci, Adidas and others, do. All perfumes that these brands offer are created under the wing of Coty. Currently, the Coty perfume empire is worth more than 9 billion US dollars. François Coty was born in Ajaccio city, in 1874 and was related to an aunt of Napoleon himself. He moved to Paris to become a perfumer. Some of his most famous scents were inspired by his homeland, Corsica. The scents reminiscence of a scrub-land which covers most of the island.


You could think that being a small island, it is living just of tourism, but you would be wrong. The island is full of goodies like marble, olive oil, wine, granite, cork and don’t forget cheese, and this is not a full list, but just a couple of primary export items. They are well known for wood, because in 1584 the Genoese governor ordered farmers to plant chestnut, mulberry, olive and fig trees all over the land.  Corsica relies on its gourmet high quality products, that’s why they are a little bit more expensive.

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