Famous Corsican Folk Music Artists

We already know how Corsica is in love with their Island and people. They are showing us their history, culture and undying love through their music from local festivals to world famous music stages. Here you can read a little bit about four famous folk music artists who sing in Corsican about their mesmerizing island.

I Muvrini

This is a group which is very in love with their country, all their songs are sung in the native Corsican language. The music group was formed in 1980s by two brothers Jean-Francois and Alain Bernardini. They both are from a small village in north Corsica called Tagliu-Isulacciu. I Muvrini is a type of wild sheep from the Corsican mountains. The brothers got introduced to traditional Corsican polyphony very early in their lives, by their father, Gjuliu. Gjuliu Bernardini was a famous Corsican poet and singer. The first I Muvrini single was recorded with their father and collaborated with a group called Canta u Popula Corsu. Gjuliu died in 1977, the group’s first album which was released in 1979 was dedicated to his memory. The group recorded a famous song called Field of Gold in the Corsican language with Sting in 2000. They are real patriots of their culture and language and have been promoting it since the beginning of their musical career.

A Filleta

In 1978, six men with great passion for Corsica and music created a group and called it Filleta. This group is known for their sensitive, but strong vocals, that create overwhelming emotions for the listeners. Everyone who has ever heard them live, has been moved and left with new emotions. They are performing religious and traditional folk ballads, and now, have also expanded their original songs which are influenced by various music styles. Filleta has produced music for filmmaker Bruno Coulais movies like Don Juan, you can hear them in their “Himalaya” album which won Disque d’or and a Cesar award in 2000 for the best movie soundtrack.

Patrick Fiori

The singer was born in Marseille in the south of France. At the age of twelve, he acted in a play called „La Légende des santonniers “, after 4 years, he recorded his first song and in 1993 participated in Eurovision with the song called “Mama Corsica” which showed his love for the country.  The song is praising Corsica, the majority of the lyrics are in French, but also, you can hear a line where Fiori says, ” Tonight I am singing in Corsican for You” and then he starts to sing in Corsican as if the whole world would understand and join him.


This band was formed by 2 friends: Lucciana and Bastian. They took their names from the guerilla army of the 17th Century, which was not a typical army, but the one who defended the Corsican island against the French and fought for the island’s independence. All their songs are about politics, they are poetic about history and the life of the people. They are incorporating Latin-American sounds, different tempos and rhythms, singing in Corsican and other languages. Their songs are called the likes of  “Towards the Freedom” or “I am Basque”.

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