Festivals in Corsica

To become familiar with the traditions and culture of the local people of any city, paying a visit to that city during one-offs or national holidays is always a good idea. Each year in Corsica, there are a number of interesting religious celebrations and non-religious festivals, along with fairs and competitions. No matter the idea behind the holiday, it never fails to be celebrated with tastings of special treats, dancing, and folk music.

Festivals in Corsica

Attending a Corsica festival is a great way of learning about the island’s traditions, culture, and characters in addition to adding something extra to your holiday. Whether it’s a once-a-year cultural celebration, a music event, or food festival, there’s no shortage of options for anyone looking to book a holiday to Corsica that overlaps with one of its fantastic festivals. Here are some inspiration and ideas to help you plan your holiday during one of Corsica’s exciting festivals.

Bell ringing competition

Each year on the 12th of August, Piodzhiolle town hosts a bell ringing competition. Lovers of music would be wise to visit the town of Surman in the same month as, on the 25th, the island’s very best violinists showcase their talents. The festival is vibrant and bright and features not only musical performances but festivities and parades.

The Wind festival

In Calvi, you’ll find one of the more unusual events in the form of the Wind festival. The festival, which typically goes on for four days, begins on the 29th of February.  The holiday focuses on environmental concerns. There are also conversations that revolve around people’s freedoms and rights. It attracts international visitors in large numbers.Among these visitors are psychologists, musicians, writers, social scientists, and environmentalists. Scientists offer their latest developments that focus on a prudent use of natural resources. The event also hosts lectures and art exhibits, along with an excellent entertainment programme for children.

Bastia Music Festival

Another event for music lovers is the Bastia Music Festival, typically held in the middle of October. World-famous bands appear at the event but there are also local musicians performing, giving tourists a glimpse at the local talent. Various genres are represented in the concert’s programme, so there is something to appeal to everyone.

Fiera di l’Alivu

Every year, up to 10,000 people make their way to Montegrosso to show their love to the olive. Taking place in a stunning olive grove setting, visitors have the opportunity to sample and buy from a variety of local produce, as well as enjoy the olive production exhibitions.

Fiera di l’Alivu

Air sports competitions

Air sports competitions have also increased in popularity. A festival program typically includes ballooning, skydiving, jumping, sailing, hang gliding, and paragliding. Thousands of people involve themselves in organising these events each and every year, and each year, they attract more visitors than the previous year. There are more than 50,000 visitors attending these events. The above are just a small number of activities that are of interest to holidaymakers. Corsica celebrates festivals and other events all year round.




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