Tips for the first time in Corsica

You already have learned about traditions, places, you know what to expect and now you have a burning desire to see the island for yourself. There are still a couple of things that you need to know before travelling to the majestic island of Corsica.

  • You will definitely need a car. It does not matter what kind, an automobile is a must. Unless you want to hike or bike everywhere, but going from place to place will get you exhausted on day one and the rest of your holiday calendar will have to be spent in bed with aching muscles. Public transport is not ideal by any means and you cannot count on it. The whole island has just a couple of buses and one train going across. In short, just rent a car and it will make your trip much easier and much more comfortable. Driving may also be difficult. You are going to be traveling on rocky mountain roads, where overtake is very hard, so be aware of speed limits.
  • You can use your credit card in most places, but you need to have cash with you as well. Small businesses, souvenir shops, old ladies, artisan wine and cheese boutiques are not going to accept your card. It depends where you are going to stay, but an ATM is not on every corner.
  • Be prepared to hear 3 languages spoken in 1 place. The official language is of course French, people have an accent and there is local slang, but you definitely will be able to separate French from Corsican. Historically, the French were suppressing Corsicans and forcing them to speak French as the national language, but many people still speak Corsican as well. You can hear Italian too, but do not address people in that language because of the former colony situation. Piece of advice: do not address people in English, because even trying even trying to say hello in French is a sign of respect. If people will see that you are trying, they are going to help you, and in worst case, you can continue in English.
  • You need to know the weather conditions before packing for your trip to Corsica. The island has a Mediterranean climate, which means dry and hot summers, mild winters, along with spring and autumn being the rainiest seasons. If right now you think that it is hot in 25 degrees weather in Scandinavia or England, don’t visit Corsica in the summertime, when it is 35 degrees and there are heat waves. In general, it is very warm, and you can have a perfect getaway from the cold in winter time. Just pack your summer dresses and bikinis plus some cover ups and light jackets and you are good to go.

  • Prepare for hiking if you want to see the beauty of the island. Don’t think for a second that you can hike in flip flops. If you are planning to hike higher, put something warmer in your backpack, and special shoes for rocky paths are necessary. Mountains in Corsica are dangerous and if something happens, you will only be able to get help by a helicopter. Prepare a GPS along with food and water essentials, a guide is also a very good idea.

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