Vineyards of Corsica

Corsica has the perfect weather conditions, a mix of sun and rain to produce beautiful, juicy grapes which give us a wide range of wonderful white and red wines. Harvesting conditions are excellent and the growing season is longer than in mainland France. Here is a list of winemakers to visit and wines to taste during your stay in the stunning island.

Clos d’Alzeto, Sari d’Orcino

This is the highest vineyard in Corsica, almost at 600 m. After a long drive from Ajaccio, during which you need to take dozens of hairpin turns, the reward is a spectacular view of the vineyard which looks like it’s climbing up on the rocks. This vineyard belongs to the Albertini family, and dates all the way back to the early 1800. Now it is owned by Pascal Albertini and his 3 children. They are growing only white vermentinu and red sciaccarellu grapes. Their rose is outstanding and the price is very reasonable at 7,60 EUR per bottle. Their white wine is on the sweeter and fruitier side, which you can drink as an aperitif (starter) and red is a perfect pair for a dessert.

Domaine de Torraccia

If you have time just for one vineyard, you should pick this one. It is located between mountains and is close to Porto Vecchio. It was planted and built from scratch 45 years ago. Christian Imbert built it and he is called the father of modern Corsican wines. Today, the vineyard is being run by his son Marc. The Torraccia vineyard is famous for their nielluccio and sciaccarellu grapes. These types of grapes are known to be lacking in color but produce high levels of alcohol. Prices start from 7 euros, and you do not need to make a reservation, just come and you will receive a warm welcome. If you are staying nearby, you can come with a bottle and fill it directly from the vat.

Enclos des Anges

This vineyard was planted by a young Irishman named Richard Spurr, and it is a rising star among winemakers. It is hard to believe that a foreigner can run such a huge vineyard, but his wines are loved all over the country. They are quite unusual and have a very intense taste; to try them, you have to book a tasting. He does not use any chemicals when making his wines, that’s why weeds and wildflowers are all over the place.

La Ferme de Campo di Monte, Murato

It is a farmhouse located over the northern mountains with a view to the sea. This is a special place and you have to book a tasting, but not only for the wine, for the food as well. Dinner starts at 7:30 pm and for an aperitif you will have a glass of fruity muscat. There are no choices on the menu, just a 50-euro price tag for a meal that says wine is included. Dishes are very exquisite because of the head chef Pauline Julliard. You can expect to taste veal ragout, delicious dumplings and tureen of steaming soup de montagne. Dishes are traditional and filled with vegetables and herbs form the garden just around the corner.

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